Automate Oracle EBS patch management with RingMaster APM.

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Key Benefits

RingMaster APM automates repetitive tasks in the patching cycle and minimizes the effort required by the DBA, business analysts, compliance team and the business users.

Application management teams eat up a significant chunk of the IT budget, leaving no room for innovation. With RingMaster APM, you can save significantly on resource costs and reallocate that budget to more forward-looking initiatives.

RingMaster APM retains an exhaustive history of applied patches and creates an audit trail that makes it easy to pinpoint issues to a specific patch and user.

By identifying all changes that are caused by a patch, and by testing these changes to ensure that it does not lead to breakages, RingMaster APM ensures that new patches do not lead to a disruption in business.

Automate your entire change management cycle

RingMaster APM recommends security and recommended patches and delivers an upgrade insight and object change report. From there, it automates the patch download, impact analysis, application, compliance reporting, testing and post-application analytics giving users full control over the patching process and simplifying the experience for all stakeholders.

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Automate creation of audit trails

Compliance is a big part of change management. Mandate workflows that will ensure that a process is being followed during patch application, and that it allows you to trace issues back to the source.

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One of America’s leading transportation companies increased its patch adoption and dramatically reduced patching efforts through automation.

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