Migrate your code changes
from one instance to another instance with ease.

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Key Benefits

Significantly improves the quality through automation and reduces the
developer effort during migrating the components from one instance to another instance.

Brings consistency in deliverables and maintains the uniqueness between instances.

Migration of components are extracted, re-ordered and migrated in the order of
their dependency. This will reduce the migration failures.

Automates your deployment process

DAT automates the process of EBS components deployment from one instance to another instance. It embeds the deployment management process to acquire the necessary approvals, prior to migrating changes. Helps in extracting dependent objects, generating scripts and migrating the components from source to destination with ease.

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Automate creation of audit trails

Compliance is a big part of change management. This tool mandates the workflows, ensuring the process being followed during deployment and allowing you to trace issues back to source.

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One of America’s leading transportation companies increased its patch adoption and dramatically reduced patching efforts through automation.

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