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RingMaster® is a comprehensive automation platform
that managers can rely on and users will love.

What Can RingMaster® Do For Me?

Senior Management

The birth of shadow IT is largely caused by dissatisfaction of business users with the pace and reactive measures of IT operations. With RingMaster®, your business users will never have a reason to complain.

RingMaster® addresses the modern IT organization’s dilemma of increasing its pace while reducing risk in security and adoption. This is accomplished through automation of change management, DevOps, testing and data quality.

Minimize your IT risk today

IT Operations

Systems Managers are bogged down by a lack of awareness and visibility into the changes made to their applications. This leads to a lack of predictability of the functioning of the systems.

APM® helps the Systems Manager get complete visibility into all of the changes, before, during and after they are done. This knowledge gives them the power to enforce and improve processes and verify change requests. Further, through automation of operational activities such as code reviews, environment setups, migrations and deployments, RingMaster® ensures consistency and predictability in the systems.


Application Manager

Application Managers are often blamed for slow development cycles and lack of quality control. Reliance on manual effort contributes to both the slow pace and this subjective quality assessment.

RingMaster® automates and manages most of the repetitive manual tasks of an Application Manager. By automating change operations, development cycles, testing needs and data quality verification, RingMaster® brings speed and quality control to your application management.


Business Analyst

Business Analysts are often stuck with trying to identify the patches to apply and what they are going to change within the system.

With APM®, you no longer have to rely on the DBA for identifying the right patch. Find the right patch, understand what it is going to change and automatically produce patch analysis that reduces your effort by 5-6 weeks. You can now focus on adopting new features instead of spending time on testing.


Business User

Every time a patch is applied, business users are required to spend countless hours testing all their use cases and functionality to check if anything is broken.

With RingMaster®, you will have visibility on exactly what has changed, and so you would know exactly what to test, thereby reducing your effort significantly in each update cycle. You can even use APM®’s automated testing to save time and keep your business running knowing APM® will test everything that has changed.



In today’s uncontrolled environment, it is impossible for the Compliance Officer to establish whether the patch has been tampered with. This often violates the compliance requirements in several regimes.

APM® automatically records all information including patch information, compliance data, tests conducted and their results, and separation of duties. With this automatic recording of the update process, the Compliance Officer can be assured that all change data is accurate, reliable and compliant.



Today the DBA manually monitors all patch operations, which require them to work insane hours and be on call at all times.

APM® decentralizes information on patch operations and delivers it to all stakeholders, without relying on the DBA. APM® gives the DBA an automated full prerequisite historical chain analysis. With APM® the DBA can sleep while APM® applies all the patches automatically on the schedule the DBA set.


Quality Assurance

The testing team is tasked with conducting repetitive tests. They are stuck with having to do too much testing, too often and on too many things. As the bottleneck of IT Operations, they are always constrained for bandwidth and blamed for slow progress.

With automated testing, the Cloudtestr process is immediately streamlined and accelerated, thereby increasing the testing team’s ability to go through the cycle more rapidly and in sync with the rest of the IT Operations.



Enforcing organizational standards in application development is challenging because of the large code bases that are constantly changing.

DevOps automation through Dox allows for automatic consistency enforcement that makes sure that there are no surprises or hidden code bombs that might bring down the business.