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Oracle Enterprise Applications

Inadequate testing and improper change management in enterprise applications can lead to crippling business disruption. RingMaster® solves both these problems, while also accelerating your IT operations with automation.

Frequent patches and functionality updates in Oracle EBS require rigorous change management to ensure that customizations and integrations are not affected.

APM® allows you to analyze the impact of any changes to your E-Business Suite and to address them through patch management and testing.

Learn how to automate testing for Oracle EBS
Learn how to automate patch management for Oracle EBS

Upgrade releases in PeopleSoft are often unsettling because there isn’t enough visibility on how they might impact your business.

With Cloudtestr’s comprehensive automated testing suite for PeopleSoft, you can test your upgrade and resolve any issues that it might have created.

Learn how to automate testing for PeopleSoft

While JDE updates can significantly improve the functionality of your instance, they also can impact your operations in unforeseen ways.

Automated testing of updates released by JD Edwards with Cloudtestr can ensure that you get all the enhanced functionality of the update, without the risk of breaking your existing setup.

Learn how to automate testing for JD Edwards

Oracle Cloud Applications

A key challenge of hosting applications on the cloud is that you no longer control the upgrade process. When upgrades are automatically applied to your cloud application, you need to rigorously test to review all the changes and rectify them if need be.

Oracle HCM Cloud releases updates as frequently as once a month. At this frequency, conducting robust testing each time is a mammoth task.

Cloudtestr allows your testing cycle to keep pace with the HCM updates and to minimize the risk of business disruption.

Learn how to automate testing for HCM Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is a complex product with many moving parts. Updates to the cloud application can sometimes disrupt key components of your business operations if not handled properly.

Cloudtestr provides thorough testing capabilities that do not bottleneck your IT operations and serve as a reliable change management platform.

Learn how to automate testing for ERP Cloud

Modern customers are unforgiving and will switch to a competitor if presented with a dissatisfactory experience.

Automated test cycle management by Cloudtestr ensures that you comprehensively verify that your User Experience is not compromised by any changes, thus providing a continually superlative experience.

Learn how to automate testing for CX Cloud

Oracle Cloud & Middleware

With the rapid pace of today’s business, it is imperative to simplify your Middleware and seamlessly integrate with cloud and mobile, enable existing applications, and be connected to business partners in real-time. Software development cycles need to simultaneously shrink and be more robust. Dox delivers a risk-free and continuous DevOps cycle that can match the speed of your business.

Upgrading to Oracle SOA12c is the first step towards cloud-enabling your application, integrating SaaS application and using cloud-based PaaS. Oracle customers are hesitant to upgrade to SOA12c because they are uncertain of how it would disrupt their current operations.

Dox helps companies make the switch to SOA12c with DevOps automation across design, development, testing and deployment. With RingMaster you can reduce your DevOps cycle by 40%.

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Traditional B2B EDI has restrictive file exchange and batch processing capabilities, is expensive to operate and has limited visibility of transactions which further impacts the business. These technical challenges lead to massive business ramifications such as delays in supply chain, penalties, poor customer experience and reduced bottomline.

Dox transforms your EDI by providing B2B solutions that are faster to implement, cost effective and enable real-time data processing and visualization.

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Oracle ADF12c enables business users with rich-UI web applications, better data visualization & insights, and device responsive applications. Oracle customers are however unable to upgrade to ADF12c because of the uncertainty of disruptions caused by ADF12c.

Dox helps companies make the switch to ADF12c with DevOps automation across design, development, testing and deployment. With RingMaster® you can reduce your DevOps cycle by 40%.

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  • Salesforce deployments usually involve a significant amount of customization and reliance on third party applications which may be affected with regular software updates.

  • Cloudtestr automates testing of your Salesforce instance and other applications to ensure that it continues to provide existing functionality while imbibing the new features provided by the update.

Learn how to automate testing for Salesforce