Continuous testing platform for the agile world.

What can Cloudtestr do?

Key Benefits

Code release cycles have reduced to a day. Testing is often the bottleneck – too little testing can compromise security and too much testing can be a bottleneck for the breakneck pace of your business. Cloudtestr automates your testing and allows you to maintain the pace of code change without compromising on user experience.

Did you know that a large part of your testing efforts are repetitive? Cloudtestr provides a wide array of pre-built libraries and custom test case development that simplify the test automation and make it scriptless.

This is the API economy where cloud and on-premise technologies are intricately woven together to provide beautiful customer experiences. Ensure that your code changes do not cause any breakages by continuously testing your integrations.

Built for SaaS as SaaS

Cloudtestr is a cloud platform to automate testing for Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, NetSuite, WorkDay and even on-premise enterprise applications. Whether you are migrating to the cloud, running DevOps or developing new web services, Cloudtestr is a vital cog in the agile project management cycle to continually test changes and integrations and enable continuous deployment.

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Test Once. Automate Forever.

With pre-built testing libraries that are continuously updated, Cloudtestr accelerates your test automation process. You can also build custom test cases once and automate them for future delivery cycles thereby reducing your cycle time while also lowering your resources. Cloudtestr comes with a change impact analyzer, a test recommendation engine, automated documentation and performance reporting modules that dramatically reduce your testing cycle.

How can Cloudtestr help me?

More Features

Automated 5S Testing

Create or use standard tests for security, sanity, system, stress and software.

Center for Enablement

Use our enablement resources to get you up and running and to manage your test automation with pre-built app libraries, templates, SOPs and accelerators.

Documentation Automation

Cloudtestr automates documentation to easily and quickly onboard new employees or temporary consultants.

Performance Reporting

Monitor your system to pre-empt poor performance with detailed timestamp reports.

Vendor-driven Changes

Understand implications of patches and new releases before applying them. Use the test recommendation engine to generate relevant test cases and verify post-change performance.

Validate integrations & security

Ensure that there are no security breaches or breakages in integrations due to code changes or vendor-driven changes.

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A Fortune50 Fuel and Logistics Services Company Improves Productivity by Optimizing Testing Efforts

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